Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Food Explorations & Biggest Loser Comments

Since I went to whole foods, I've been inspired to cook more and try out more recipes. Last night I made gastric bypass friendly blueberry muffins with Splenda. I think they turned out pretty awesome yet next time I make them I will be making them less dry by adding more liquid from a suggestion from a friend. I think they taste good and they have a good texture. A little thicker than most mixes I've had, but overall I was pleased with my first muffins made from scratch.

Tonight I made a protein heavy meal of buffalo meat, quinoa, and cheese. I made a gastric bypass dreams of protein for dinner and it was my version of a manwhich. I took a 1/4 lb of buffalo meat and browned it, added quinoa to the pan, and used chopped onion, garlic, salt and pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and some ketchup. I topped it off with some cheddar cheese. Though it was not the prettiest meal it was really tasty. It was a good flavor and I really enjoyed it. Playing around in the kitchen is turning into something I like to do and I've noticed that I'm really enjoying intense flavors since I'm not eating much that has flavor - you only can do so much with protein...lets be honest.

On a related note of weight loss but not with food I've been catching the biggest loser lately. Usually I don't watch the show because I really don't like it overall. I don't find it that inspiring because lets be honest I wish I had time to take off work, have food prepared for me daily, not do any work, and get to work out everyday. If I had personal trainers, stylists, and chefs anyone could eat healthy, but it isn't realistic. Yes, it is amazing to see the transformations, but its not realistic. So tonight I'm catching it on tv while I'm eating and I see a guy who has lost over 140 lbs and at his current weigh in he only loses 6 lbs. That is 6 lbs in one week and he states "that isn't enough weight to be losing" and I think to myself WHAT!!!!! First, 6 lbs is not the average weight loss for the week. Second, doctors across the board say 2 lbs is the safe long term goal for long term weight loss. Third, what is this show doing to make people feel that 5 or 6 lbs are a bad lost. Again, if they are losing in the 100 lbs range c'mon really .... it is really not a good message. Yes, I like Bob and I like the exercising and the overall thought of the show, but losing weight is a journey a path...it isn't a game. It isn't a game to lose so much weight. I really don't like it.

It may be that my opinion is changing as I lose weight. This process is changing me and its changing the way I look at weight loss. I don't think its about the numbers. It is about the feeling, the journey, your health, and your feeling ...your life. When did weight loss become a competition? I'm very confused about how people look at their weight, the process, and why they want and need to lose it. I'm baffled.


  1. Loving your blog!!! What recipe did you use for the blueberry muffins?? Sounds soo soo good!

  2. http://splenda.tastebook.com/recipes/1397317-Very-Berry-Blueberry-Muffins

    I used this recipe for muffins, but next time I make them I'll be adding a little bit more milk because the batter when baked is a tad bit dry.