Thursday, March 24, 2011

Charm Bracelet

I really want to have a charm bracelet made for my WLS journey. I want to be able to wear something that means something to me, but I also want to have a visual reminder of the goals I've already achieved and to motivate me on where I want to go! I want to be able to reward myself for the hard work that I am doing yet be something I look forward too. I had thought of many types of rewards, but I think I'm definitely am going to go with a charm bracelet.

Thank goodness my favorite store came to Nashville! I love love love...did I say I love James Avery! Yes, my favorite jewelry store here in Nashville all the way from Texas. I got their spring view book yesterday and I was soooo excited to see new charms. What charms do I want? What milestones do I want to celebrate?

1. Start of my journey - I want to have a charm that celebrates Jan 10, 2011 - my surgery birthday of my new life
2. Weighing in at 250 lbs
3. Losing the first 50 lbs
4. Weighing in 200 lbs

is there any other things I should celebrate???

1 comment:

  1. such a great idea!!! let me get back to you on other things to celebrate..