Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Balancing Act and New Shoes

The life of a bariatric patient is all about balance. My life seems out of balance these days and its coming from odd places. My skin is off balance. Pre WLS it was dry and post surgery its oily! My scalp is so dry and itchy. Pre WLS my hair was so oily I had to wash it every day and now post WLS my scalp itches till it hurts. Pre WLS I just had to balance pills, but now I am balancing vitamins, supplements, medicines, food schedules, and the routine of what to take when and how. My body is changing and how I deal with everything is changing and I need some time to just be...just be for a little bit. I need a moment to breathe and realize that there are all these changes and to catalog them. I need a moment to have a list of the changes so that I can make plans for those changes. Maybe I didn't feel this way earlier this week, but after a Grief Session at work and looking at a life stress list, I realized that so much has changed...more than I have ever cataloged before and now that it is quantifiable its immensely big to me. I think that is why I need a moment to regroup, to list what is changing, to make plans on how to compensate for the changes, and to who I am at this moment besides the ever changing and shrinking Lissa.

I'm glad that I have a moment to get away from my life this weekend and just be with my husband. I'm glad that I am also getting away from my job and college town as I am running a pint low on patience and need to be away from the place to get ready for the next month of craziness that is getting ready for check out and the rest of the semester. I can't really get away from gastric bypass life and all the change, but I can allow me just to be me for a bit. Not Lissa the bypass patient, not Lissa the AC, but just Lissa the wife...the fun loving Lissa that I've turned into since the surgery. I want to be that Lissa.

So on the note of balance and change one big change in my life has been in my shoe size. My feet have shrunk..yep I'm out of a 9 1/2 with a wide foot and fitting comfortably in a 8. I bought new sandals tonight that are super cute and can't wait to wear this weekend on my top secret romantic trip. Its neat that so much is changing, but sometimes it is hard to take all in and be able to process all of the change at the same time. So I'm putting all of my too big shoes into the Souls for Soles drive at my building this week and calling it a day to move on and give back. Sometimes its nice to change...especially when you get new shoes!

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  1. Isn't it funny how our feet shrink? I bought my wedding shoes on Zappos the other night and bought the regular and then kicked myself in the rump b/c I have wide feet, well prior to surgery I did. Too my surprise they fit and I may actually have to go down a half size. I love shoe shopping so this could be dangerous! lol