Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Working Out Too Hard

Last night I went to water aerobics and it felt great. First, I had a great time. I love doing water aerobics and secondly I realize that I need to go bathing suit shopping because both of my bathing suits are too big. If I want to keep doing the water aerobics, I will need to invest in a one piece and it needs to be smaller than my 3x! I'm excited about this because I've never wanted to go bathing suit shopping before :-)

Water aerobics last night over all felt good. I really can tell I used a lot of my muscels and I got a comfortable ab work out without hurting. I feel it today but am really feeling good about how I know I'm working out my tummy. Last night when working out we were taking our pulse. I had been really working hard and my pulse was up to 190. I found out that I was working out too hard for my body. My goal is to keep my heart rate between 145 and 168 at the highest. Working out harder than that will not give me enough oxygen to burn calories. Keeping it too high will get me tired faster and again not burn calories like I want them too. Now that I know that I can be in more control of my heart rate when working out and doing simple things like walking and my wii.

Tonight I will not be heading back to the pool. I'm going to do some biggest loser on the wii and have a night in my apt. I have a wanting to be creative tonight so work out plus creativity will be a good thing. I need to de-stress and in all honesty I would be headed back to the pool if I had my new bathing suit.

Today was a good eating day. Ate a great breakfast and lunch. I think I am getting hungry because I'm not eating the right amount. I think I'm eating too small of an amount and not realizing that I need to eat a tad bit more. Today for lunch I had a less than 1/4 of green beans, 1/2 of pinneapple, and some dark meat chicken that was from fried chicken. For the first meal in days I feel full and not overly full. So maybe the key is to be eating more and concentrating on good calories and protein. This reminds me to update my spark people tracking for the day :-)


  1. How do you like spark people? I tried it... the tracking and everything... but its really hard for me to keep up with and I can never log my working out because I don't do a "conventional" work out. My bootcamp is different than regular work out classes... so its hard for me to log that also. I just write everything down in a notebook and that works better for me.

    Although... where do you find the spark quotes... I could use something like that every day.

  2. i really like my spark people. the best part for me is the blackberry app cause i never have an excuse to not track! when i signed up for sparkpeople i looked around for different daily digests and found a couple different ones. i'll have to try and find out what this particular one is called.

    as for the work outs i track what i do instead of what the work out is called. for example instead of saying boot camp why not track your lifting, your running, or something like that. ask your boot camp director and sees what they suggest.