Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Goals revisited and Exhaustion

I made all but one goal yesterday I did not work out and I did not go to the gym. I made a rational choice that since my body was exhausted and I can't allow my body to get that way (or I will be anxious) that I allowed myself to sleep instead. This morning I'm feeling much better and am ready to start another day. I did make all my meds in the correct order and supplements. I drank 7 out of 8 glasses of liquid and ate well minus an extra little snack.

I called my nutrtionist yesterday and consulted with her regarding my hunger and she is allowing me an additional snack since due to my Mirena I'm still menstrating (even after it has been removed) and she doesn't want me grazing, so an organized snack will be done throughout this part of my condition until my body is back to normal. Thank goodness everyone can work together because being hungry when your tummy is a pouch is no no fun. I'm also finally seeing this miscommunication with my hormones drain on me. My energy level is tanked, but both my surgeon and obgyn agree its the additional bleeding so they are not concerned. They just want me to listen to my body more carefully and wait.

Today is fitness fair day at the Rec and i'm planning to walk over and enjoy some of the tables, learn some new things, and see what is offered in the Murfreesboro community. I'm excited to see what they have. I'm interested in some of the testing they can do with body fat and such. I'm also going to look into their personal training here and see what it is like in more detail since the head director of the personal trainers at MTSU will be here. I just know there is more for me to be doing than just cardio. I've also thought about looking into some weight training books, but again i know nothing of this subject and that makes me very nervous. I need to be educated!

I always feel very inferior when I dont' know what I'm talking about and with exercise I really don't know where to start. I figured personal training would be the answer to that....but I realize I need to do some work on my own. I can read and get the knowledge I want and crave, but at the end of the day I need someone to show me what I am supposed to do and monitor me till I get the hang of it. I'm a lost puppy in the world of physical fitness!

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  1. Why don't you also try a workout video at home? Something light at first... like beginners yoga... I also really like the carmen electra strip tease videos... its a great work out. or zumba or the wii fit (if you have wii). Or even just go walking outside. Something to get your heart rate up.