Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Health Stress and Good News: Package Deal

I thought I was through with some stressful news at the doc post gastric bypass, but I guess it is par for the course when you go from being considerbly ill to attempting to get healthier overtime. I realize that there are challenges, but I'm not going to let them get me down. I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing and make the best of it.

My annual check up provided me the info of the following:
1. Glucose on the day of blood draw was 113
2. My liver ensymes are up : my AST was 33 and normal range 10-30 and my ALT was 52 and a normal range was 6 to 40
3. My triglicerides were normal at 106
4. My LDL was 158 which is high as well
5. My chloesterol was 209 which again is high

What frustrates me is taht my glucose is in the normal range. According to the American Diabetic Assoc. the range can differ from 65-90 or 90-120 depending on who is reading it. My doctor wants it at 90 fasting, which is very low for me. Heck 113 is extremely low for me considering i've only been off diabetic meds for a month. Alas, that is frustrating overall. I am also frustrated that my cholesterol is up, but that could be because I'm not absorbing the meds well. I'm eating right and low and lean and with minimal fat, but it looks like I need to be more careful. In regards to my liver ensymzes they need to monitor them to make sure everything is ok, but from what I read there are a ton of things that can make my liver out of whack. It was confirmed at the gastric bypass that I do have a fatty liver and that my liver will return back to normal and the fatty liver can go away with weight loss. The ensyme spike could be due to surgery or something else, but I'm hoping it is just the surgery because my labs prior to surgery had them normal.

I go back on thursday finally for my 1 month post op appt. I'm going to have my blood drawn and see my B12 and D3 levels. I hope they have increased and that at least they are getting better. I did some research to find out what could help the liver be healthier and level out my ensymes and I found that omega 3 is where it is at. So I am adding fish oil to my vitamin regimine. I'm hoping that it will help both my liver and the pressure level in my eyes. I figure why not try it, I've had really good success with the vitamins that I've added and overall feel better on it.

Other than the annoyance that I wanted good news, I'm not too stressed. I know it is a monitor and weight and see thing. I realize my body is going through a major upheaval and it will take time for it to level out. I just was hoping that positive news would ooze from docs for a while.

On a good note I am still getting rids of meds as well despite the above issues. My medicine doc for anxiety and depression took away my wellebutrin, lowered my sleeping med to half of the dose! YAY for feeling better, processing anxiety better, and overall feeling better on that end. I'm really proud to say that I'm dealing with normal things right now and now being too overwhelmed by them and not letting them eat at me. I'm moving in the right direction with meds :-)

New Med List as of today;
simistatin for my chloesterol

Compared to where I was 6 months ago, this is the most minimal medicine I've been on in over 5 years which is one of the best improvements ever. I am determined to get healthy and keeping focused that I want to do all I can without taking meds if at all avoidable.

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