Sunday, February 13, 2011


Yesterday I went to have my wedding ring sized. [very thankful to my lovely husband who bought the lifetime warranty and resizing!] My ring started to spin and it was getting quite annoying. So I stopped into Jared and to get it fixed. When we bought the ring in March of 2010 I had it sized 11.5 and yesterday when I had it made smaller I was now a size 9!!!! I've never bought a size 9 ring EVER!!! It was very exciting to realize that I'm shrinking all over :-)

As my journey to be a loser continues I continue to shrink all over. Today I put a necklace my best friend bought me, but I haven't been able to fit around my neck and this morning IT FITS! That is totally exciting. It made me jump for joy ... shrinking is a very good thing.

I've started to notice areas where my clothes are staring to hang differently. The most shocking thing that is beginning to shrink that I didn't realize was the areas where my underwear sit. No lie the band around my bra size is shrinking dramatically and I'm closer to my goal to be wearing Vicki's too. It is a process that is becoming more and more exciting.

I'm excited to take my pictures this weekend that I'll post later. Please ignore my swollen stomach. I had 2 cases of dumping this week and my poor tummy is quite swollen. I have to admit that dumping is something that I attempt to avoid at all costs, but my stomach now has a mind of his own! Some things he likes and some things he does not like. When he doesn't want something it kicks it out. This causes me not so much fun and two days of nursing my tummy back to comfort. The most embarrassing thing is that it swells up like a soft ball on my left side from being inflamed and it hurts so bad. Avoidance is futile to a point. There is only so much I can do, but alas it will mess with my measurements and pics this week. [ i promise i'm not becoming vain!]

This week I'm heading to the pool. I'm ready to do some aquatics and get in the pool to work out in a different way. I really am looking forward to being back in the water and water jogging and working out my arms. My regular doc told me that my stitches had healed enough to get in the pool so I'm going for it. I know it will work out my abs a good deal as well and it should be low impact. Walking, water jogging, wii fit, and some biggest loser. I've got a pretty good workout system going. Though I hate when I dump because working out becomes a real chore that hurts so bad that I can only do only 20 min at the best, so I try to walk walk walk to compensate those days when I can't work out too hard with my tummy.

Today I'm off with the hubs to see the Parthenon. I'm excited to get out the house for a bit and do something different! C ya later with photos


  1. It sounds like you had a good weekend overall. Minus the dumping episodes. I'm so glad that you are finally able to see how beautiful you are and I hope that you continue to enjoy this journey.

  2. Its so great to read about all your changes!!!