Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Accepting Responsibility

This morning my daily spark quote was about accepting responsibility in your life for choices that you make. This got me thinking about how many things people often explain things away and how often people don't really accept that "yes, I made that choice." Definitely something that has my brain circulating. I know for me if I make a wrong food choice I have to accept the choice I made because it isn't going to stay down and the consequences are not just over and done. They linger around. I also know that the goals I set get side swiped by choices. There are days I chose not to go exercise. There are days I chose to not stick to my work out schedule. Yes, there are reasons I can't some days, but on the days there isn't a legitmate reason there is a choice to be made. You really have to live with decisions made. I realize this more than ever when I'm examining my health and looking at the long term advocacy that I will be doing. Choices are something everyone of us must live with, but we really need to be concious of our choices.

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