Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Reflection

This week has been my first full week back at work. What a work out!!!! I think I am finally at a point where I feel "caught" up in the part of my life that is job oriented. I'm falling into a routine that I am happy with as well with eating, drinking, vitamins, and exercise. Exercise is something that needs to be more consistent, but I am also learning to listen to my body, but I am committed to minimum 3 times a week. So I will be working out this weekend no matter what! I have to get at least 2 days of working out in because I desperately want Sunday off, but we shall see.

Overall, going back to work has been good for me. I feel good and have a ton more energy. I really am feeling the difference with the diet, exercise, and the B12 liquid vitamins. I feel good overall and I'm becoming more confident in myself. I feel as if I can do more, I don't go home right after work so tired I can't get off the couch anymore which is really nice. I feel like I want to put more work into me and I like that too. I can see myself actually loving on me. This week has been a good transitional week at work and I'm happy to report I've made it to Friday and I'm still standing!

I've done really well with vitamins and medicine overall. I've only missed one calcium dose this week. I'm still a little nauseated so I've halfed some of my anxiety meds again because they were making me sick to compensate, but overall I'm doing well. I'm ready to be off my anti-biotic and ready to get my other vitamins in the mail so I can have a complete list and be complete with transitions in medication for now.

I found out I have to wait until my one month appointment to get clearance to see my personal trainer. It is not too big of a bummer as my 1 month appointment is this coming thursday. Yep one month in 6 days. This month has been life changing. I am still so glad that I did this.

I've been able to hit my protein target everyday this week but one. I'm really excited that I am able to do that on soft foods. It will be very easy for me to do when I'm fully transitioned. I'm focused on the proteins and still a little focused on the weight loss, but I was reminded by a friend who has lost 190 lbs with his lapband, do not worry about the weight on the scale. Worry about you you look. I think I need to put that up on my motivational wall. Focus = protein. Focus = feeling good. Focus = shrinking me!

This weekend I am on duty. I'm looking forward to loving on myself and doing some fun stuff. Crafting and cleaning are in my future. Sweet! Girls weekend all to myself.

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