Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Fantastic Moment

I went to Walmart yesterday to pick up a few things for work and just wandered through the clothing section. I'm not buying clothes right now if I don't have to, but I thought why not dream of the "smaller" size. So I go through and see that they have leggings on sale. I thought you know why not try them. I picked up a size 18/20. Definitely not the size I thought I was currently wearing, but had noticed that my 24s were way to big and my 22s were really comfy. Another two weeks and those 22s might be too big. So on a whim I bought them to see how they would work and took a leap of faith. I got home last night and tried them on. I was amazed! I can fit into 18/20 and I bought my first pair of leggings EVER!!!!!!! I am so excited. this is a huge milestone in my life of fashion and in weight loss. My husband was so cute. He was all smiles watching me try on different tops and look at them in the mirror.

I stopped last night for the first time and really looked at my body in the mirror. It is changing so much. My arms and my legs look different. My face is drastically different and my neck too. As I was putting on clothes that two months ago were really tight I am seeing how my stomach is changing. I'm seeing the inches and the muscle/fat change in front of me. I finally can see it change. It is amazing....i'm in aww. It makes me want to keep working hard on eating right, working out, and listening to my body ... really listening.

Another fantastic moment from yesterday was being able to give away my fat dresses. I said goodbye to 4 formals and a little black dress. It felt so good to be able to help teenagers in the area have their own prom. There is prom in Smyrna for special needs students and they were in need of plus size clothes. I figured I have those dresses and I'm not going to need them any time soon with the weight loss. They would be better used for students who need them. It made me feel good to give back!

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