Wednesday, January 26, 2011

16 days post op celebrated with the flu

Last night I came home from work with incredible stomach aches. I thought it was coming from being involved in a very stressful situation yesterday and not getting enough to eat between lunch and dinner. I ended up staying late at work dealing with a situation and I came and ate. Last night's meal wasn't ideal. I ended up trying to eat some grapes. Went down well. Didn't stay down well. I also was so depressed over the situation at work and my anxiety was up that I ended up eating a piece of pizza. Again, it went down it did not come up so well. I felt horrible about having done that to myself. I have no one to blame but me and my husband was amazing at coaching me through. I realize that I make mistakes. I am relearning behavior and I made a choice. I won't make it again.

I thought my vomiting last night was dumping. Alas it was not. I was awaken last night with a fever and chills. My stomach was swollen. I was aching all over and the pain in my tummy was hurting in a bad way. I ended up falling asleep with no sleeping meds and that is very unusual. This morning at 5:30 I was awaken with the worse of it. I ended up calling Vanderbilt. I talked to the doc on call. I don't really like him, but alas he gave me some relief that I was going to be ok and the main thing I needed to focus on was to not hurt my tummy. So I laid down stayed calm and waited for my doc to get out of surgery and make some decisions. A couple calls later I pass all the "tests" of questions. There isn't a blockage, but nothing is staying down except 1 pepto and a tad bit of liquid tylenol. I slept and took care of my body, but nausea was still there. After one more episode of throwing up the doc called in some nausea meds. Thank goodness for those!

I realize that the flu has attacked me via my tummy. My new tummy is too delicate for tamiflu so I have to let it run its course, but at the same time protect my tummy. The nausea med is dis solvable and worked instantly. I managed to be able to keep some liquid down and ate a small meal tonight. I feel a little better, but my tummy is very very sore. I can deal with the aches and pains, but pain and the fear of throwing up on the poor baby tummy is not fun and is scary.

I ended up taking off work today which is not something that I wanted to do, but I also don't want complications with a huge endeavor of changing my life and killing me, so I took off. Eh...I'll catch up eventually. The nurse today encouraged me to stay away from germs as much as possible. I almost laughed as I live in a residence hall with 340 students and I work at a college campus. No problem I'll stay away from the germs forget the fact that half my staff has been diagnosed with the flu and are on some level of meds for dealing with it. I'm going to lock myself in my office tomorrow with a sign, need something call me! oh the life of living in the residence hall.

now off to bed...2 days off of exercise and lack of food makes me tired and i'm going to enjoy tv till my next dose of nausea meds and then to bed i go!

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