Thursday, January 27, 2011

flu day 2

i finally managed to come up with a reasonable account of what throwing up feels like for a gastric bypass patient are you ready. here is my metaphor - it is like a baby spitting up! our stomachs are the same size and i'm intaking 4oz which is what you would feed a new born anyway, but that is what it feels like. now, i hate to admit that i've had to embrace this feeling and know that throwing up isn't the pleasant thing, but it is my life. oh the chapters of my life....

obviously i did not go into work today. ran a low grade fever most of the day. my husband had to force me to eat and drink and literally had to feed me. i took a dose of nausea meds to hold it all down and now i'm trying to sip, sip, sip to not get dehydrated. my stomach just doesn't hold all that liquid. it is an absolute mess. i feel horrible, and i look as bad as i feel.

i hate being away from work especially as my staff are dropping like flies. make that 5 count them 5 plus me = 6 have the flu. what is corlew going to do! seems the men on my staff and in my life are not as vulnerable to flu, lucky them, but hopefully i'll get to feeling better and can stop freaking out about hurting my baby tummy.

today though not the best food day, i did end up holding food down and met 50 grams of protein. one of the happy things that i made today was chocolate hazelnut pudding. i absolutely love those chocolate hazelnut golden wrapped candies. now that sugar is not on the diet, i wanted to find something to replace that taste to fit into my food diet. so i got creative which is the name of the game with gastric bypass. i made some sugar free fat free chocolate pudding with 1% milk and added some sugar free coffee flavoring in the flavor of hazelnut. mix mix mix and cool and voile chocolate hazelnut pudding. i think next time i need more than a tbsp of flavoring, but it definitely hit the taste buds! i have done a version of this recipe with cheesecake flavored pudding and adding raspberry sugar free coffee flavoring. that is by far my favorite so far. next month when i go shopping i am going in search of more sugar free flavorings for my pudding fix! let's see what else my crazy taste buds can crave and find a creative way to meet them.

i am in search of tilapia recipes. i'm in love with that fish right now. i've had cajun and lemon pepper and really enjoyed them, but looking for more complex tastes. i also like salmon and in search of some creative toppings for the salmon. it is hard finding sugar free options for the toppings, but i am determined to add to my diet some new flavors. i've found that i can eat the same thing many ways. the more flavors you put in them the better off you are and its all about variety. fish is really high in protein and it is easy on the tummy. it is on my goal list of finding new recipes for me to try.

well i'm going to finish my pudding, take my meds, and head to bed. i'm needed at work tomorrow and want to be able to fix what is needed before the weekend hits.

night, y'all

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