Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vitamin Update & more

So as you all know I've been researching vitamins. My vitamins have to be chewable so they absorb better and trying and searching for the right one has not been a fun taste test. I refuse to ever take an iron supplement that you chew again because I tasted metal for 3 days. I've learned that the fancier the flavor in the bariatric flavors mean they are better (french vanilla) but they also come with a huge price tag. So i went to work looking for something that 1) tastes good and 2) isn't 50+ month for chewables. A lot of individuals I am meeting in support groups truly have helped on where to start. After much research, I can actually take flinstone vitamins!!!! go figure. I used to take them when I was young and they meet all the requirement of what I need everyday...including the iron. I'm ecstatic over this. So plan is to start incorporating that into my diet in november along with the calcium.

This weekend I'm heading out to find calcium citrate with D. One of my new gastric buddies suggested I go to walmart and look to see about their bulk chewable version of these. They are very reasonable priced, but I have to see what that price is because I'll need to take calcium three times a day. This is a relief to know I don't have to order so many things online, but I also know there are options out there to change things up when I want to.

With my vitamin regime I realized last night that though I will be coming off meds, I am replacing them with new "med" in a sense. I'm going to have to get another set of pill boxes to keep all of my vitamins straight. I read that vitamins that are chewable should not be kept with prescriptions unless they have a coating. My new meds will not have coating because bariatric patients stomachs cannot break that coating down easily for the first year. I'm just going to have to make them fabulous because this is something that will be my life and if so it must be cute. My husband chuckles at me for things like this, but its also nice to be cute and feel like its fun rather than the prescription of the boring medicine pack.

So I've been incorporating things and finding out information. Here is what i've found out so far!

1. where can you get a mortal and pestal - found one at world market that is pretty cool
2. can my meds be crushed? some of my medicines can be crushed and some are going to be ok to take regularly. I may able to keep most of my medicines i'm currently on but required to take the immediate release versus XR because of the coating. this makes my day
3. when can i come off of metaformin? i won't get this question answered until my pre-surgery appointment when they see what my sugars are. i'm taking a medicine right now that is taking my sugar a little high, so we are working on getting it lower.

Protein shakes...I'm avoiding the powder tasting game, but they have been put on the list to examine and pick up one or two to start trying. I have to make a trip to GNC and I also need to find some protein powder. I think my surgeon's office requires unjury protein powder made for bariatric patients. we'll have to see on that one as well, but i would like to have two sources 1) for drinking and 2) for adding into food to up my protein intake. Crazy that you can add protein to soups or yogurt and bam = more protein!

Now I am on the search for good recipes for the puree section of relearning to eat so i have some variety. I have gotten some good yogurt recipes because i'll be watering down yogurt with milk for a while as my stomach heals, but the puree intimidates me bad. I'm going to post today about it in the support groups.

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