Friday, October 22, 2010

Meeting Goals Revisited

I started with these goals below:
1. Stop using straws - Check!!!
2. Remove the soda from my life - just started and in progress
3. Remove sugary drinks from my diet - starts next thursday
4. Add in a disolvable multi vitamin
5. Add in calcium citrate daily
6. Start eating smaller portions (ask for a to go box at the beginning of the meal, portion the food I want to eat and take the rest home with me)
7. Increase exercise

I can happily say that i'm met the goals on:
1.Stop using straws - haven't used a straw in over a month
2.Remove the soda from my life - i can't drink soda it makes me sick to my tummy
3.Remove sugary drinks from my diet- i've done this and love all the water i'm drinking, so much so i can't drink soda it makes me sick to my tummy
4. Add in a disolvable multi vitamin - after much taste testing and research i start on this in November: Hello! Flinstone Vitamins
5. Add in calcium citrate daily - research complete and price comparison will be happpening and incorporated in nov.
6.Start eating smaller portions - I have been conciously only having one serving or helping of food. I am not longer ordering extra things and snacking has been limited!
7. Increase exercise - started the wii recently and walking more around campus and stairs

New Goals:
1. Working to loose 10 lbs prior to surgery
2. Finding a protein shake or mix I like to eat/drink
3. Shop for: new pill box, fun cups for protein shakes, vitamins
4. Make a schedule for medicine / vitamin intake to follow for after surgery
5. obtain some recipes and food suggetions for the puree period of the diet post surgery
6. Make a surgery plan for work while I may be out (already obtained my FMLA paperwork!)

I feel really good to be able to reach my goals. Exercise is the hardest out of the list for the first set. I thought it would be easier, but it is no fun hurting and being sore yet I know that exercise is key an if I start now it will be easier come surgery time and i'll heal easier. Need to find motivation for exercise....maybe a prize or reward or something. Something to ponder.

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