Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Goal Weight

I've been reading alot about making realistic goals for loosing weight even with WLS. I'm attempting to loose 10 lbs in the next month, but for long term weight loss I had to give a number that I wanted to weigh. My number is 160 lbs. That makes 133 lbs that I will have to loose as of right now. It's kind of amazing to think about loosing 133 lbs is an average highschool girl! That is 27 5lb bags of rice. It will be an amazing transformation. to be had

I've started reaching out for more and more help with support groups and learning things about myself that I didn't realize. Yesterday I learned that exercise is hard and that I'm very out of shape. I out of shape to the point that I am sluggish and its hard to walk long distances. It is something I'm not proud of and though I didn't finish the whole wii workout, I did attempt it and that makes me feel good. Its a hard realization that you've let your body go and to the point where you almost have more fat than muscle.

I'm researching things all the time and anxiously awaiting friday to be able to pick up paper work and get it to the docs. This afternoon I'm making a phone call to see who has what now. Counting the days.

Yesterday I got HR squared away with FMLA leave. I have set up the paper work and it will go in effect when I take time for surgery. Our HR office is amazing and she let me know that MTSU has dealth with many of their staff getting this done, so there is a process for me to follow. I am planning for 3 weeks off for incase of issue arising or having to start out half time and work back up to full time. I'm hoping I don't have to, but rather be safe than sorry. I was also very excited to hear that any future appointments with my gastric bypass will also be covered under my FMLA leave. That is a godsend and protects my job and healthcare etc.

My search now is to find the right multivitamin. I have suggestions for my calicum citrate with vitamin D, i take b12 injections, but i need am multivitamin that has 18mg of iron and chewable. So the search and taste test begin.

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