Thursday, October 14, 2010

4 steps!!!! 4 steps!!!!

I went to the support group meeting today and I loved it! It was amazing to meet other people who had already were loosing weight, looked healthy, and learning new things. Today I learned that I as a WLS patient are going to have to be doing special exercises post surgery. I am going to have to due both cardio and resistance training. The resistance training is crucial to gaining back the muscle that I need to get my metabolism up. I also found out that the hospital here in town has a bariatric exercise program. This program was set up by the surgical weight loss center and they work with you to keep your measurements, help you learn different techniques and exercise sets, and you can meet with them one on one. They even have personal trainers. It sounds really nice. I think on Monday since I'm off work, I am going to go and take a tour of the facility. If not then, somewhere in the near future.

So close I am so close. I need to call tomorrow and reschedule my sleep apnea sleep study and then I'm almost there. Monday I have my monthly weigh in, and my psych eval that leaves 2 things to surgery. OMG I am soo excited and now I can't wait to re-make the appt. This breath of air is what I needed to give me a push to finish this up and get the surgery.

I've been saddened about my weight lately. It makes me so sad that a medicine I'm taking is not only making me hungry, but its also making me gain weight. I can control what I eat but the weight gain still comes. I think I am now the heaviest I've been since 1999. It makes me so sad because I don't want to be 300lbs. I want to be healthier. I want to be able to walk up a set of stairs. Today I was running up to the 2nd floor of my building and I was winded. I was so embarrassed. I want to cry over something like this. I want to be able to walk steps and not be winded and run to and from my apt without hurting. I know its going to happen. I just can't wait to see what all is in store for me.

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