Monday, October 18, 2010

Busy Monday, lots of steps towards surgery

I just got home from appt #1 of the day. I got weighed in for the 6 month in a row which means now Dr. Hoffman has the paperwork to fill out and I can send that off to my WLS Dr. Clements. Friday I pick up that paperwork :-) I'm smiling ear to ear. Also good news according to the scale I have not gained any weight since last visit to her office (translation by sticking to my diet I've lost the weight I gained). Yes I am not 300 lbs!!!!

I'm off to appt #2 and #3 and #4 today. Medicine check up at 9:20, Psych exam for surgery at 10 and then I called to reschedule my sleep study and I'm going tonight! So tonight at 9pm I'm going in for appt # 4.

This has been such an exciting day. All of my steps are now complete. Nov. 1st is my follow up appointment with the sleep study, but that is ok, because once that is faxed to Dr. Clements I am going to get to apply for surger in in NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!

Ok hopping off into this brisk day with an extra bounce in my step.

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