Monday, June 21, 2010

Diabetic we go!

I've been on my diabetic diet for two days now. I have to admit that it really isn't all that bad of a diet. I realize that I can eat anything I want, but making the smarter choices, and watching foods that would raise my glucose is a better idea, but I don't feel limited in what I can eat. I decided when I chose to do this that I wasn't going to be too hard on myself as I started this and that I knew it would take awhile to figure out what I could eat, how much I could eat, and learning to count carbs the diabetic way would not just happen over night. So here I am trying the best I can.

Eating out is harder than eating at home. Nutrition info is listed everywhere and unless I look at a menu prior to going, I really have no clue what I am putting into my mouth! So lesson 1 that I've learned, I'm going to have to do some research in what I'm eating prior to having a quick bite to eat. Secondly, I am not hungry when I'm eating what I'm supposed to eat! Go figure right. High protein, less sugar and I'm feeling pretty good or it could be my metaformin that I am taking for glucose, but either way I'm not starving myself. Lesson 2 is remember that medicine! and finally I am keeping a food journal. I did this a long time ago when I lost my initial large amount of weight, and even though I'm not doing it for the same reason it is a great way to keep myself accountable for what I'm eating, how much I'm eating, and how my blood sugar reacts to different foods. I also thought that when I cook or eat out and right things down, I'll learn what combinations of foods can be eaten, how many carbs they are, and what my blood sugar did so that I learn or have somewhat of a cheat sheet for me to eat.

I have to admit it is a different beast eating this way and it is not as easy or as simple as I have tried to make it in words. I really don't like having to take my blood sugar and I really don't like having to watch what goes in my mouth, but I do want to feel better and I do want to be healthier. So I'm going to do the best I can. I also made a realization that I cannot simply give up sugar overnight. I would love to do this in an ideal world, but I can make steps in cutting sugar, reducing that little bit of extra soda I drink, and make long terms changes. I know that it takes 21 days to change a habit, so I feel better in knowing that over time I won't crave the sugar or the carbs as much and then might not crave them at all. Little goals for the win!

In the process of leading up to July 1st and my surgical appointment, I had to have all of these odd blood tests run to check things going into WLS. I handed my doctor a half page list of single typed names of test. I got my first round of results on Friday. They found that my Vitamin D level is freakishly low and that my B12 is also severely low. It is a concern that these are this low and I was kind of scared Friday afternoon, but reality is that this is a huge discovery. I've been fighting being tired for months with no reason why along with a huge dose of S.A.D. (seasonal affectiveness disorder). First, the vitamin D may be increasing the SAD so easy fix, a round of regular intervals of supplements with Vitamin D in the 5,000 mg (or vitamin version of mg) and tanning and/or 30 min daily in the sun. Benefit of feeling better and getting UVB not UVA. Ironically I have to find a tanning bed with UVB and there are ones at Sun Tan City. Sweet!!! In the B12 category I'm not as jazzed because I have to give myself injections, but B12 is so important in healing and in energy along with the added benefit that it jump starts my metabolism. It truly will be something great when I learn how I feel after this next hurdle.

Now I am just awaiting the last assembling of the paperwork pre-doctor visit and working on this diet. Hopefully I'm going to win this fight and I'll be feeling better sooner than later.

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