Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sugar Overload

When becoming a full fledge diabetic I knew making that lifestyle transition was important more so now that ever before. Yes, I need to make sure that I am being a responsible eater, but also because once I have WLS I will no longer be able to have sugar. Sugar and WLS do not mix and can cause dumping syndrome which is no fun at all![i couldn't find a good link to explain dumping syndrome]

So not only am I going to be healthy in the short run, I will also be helping myself in the long run with sugar intake and saying goodbye to a dear old friend...goodbye sugar cookies, sugary popsicles, and real sugar in my tea. Just a moment of silence for those friends, but in all honesty I realize that it is something that I need to do. Tomorrow, I'll be attending a diabetes-self management education seminar. I will be able to find out how to correctly count carbs, good foods for diabetics (like cinnamon), and learn some tips of sugar substitution rather than just skip the sugar, or use a sugar substitute. Though I may need to buy some stock in splenda. I am excited, but also realize that once I go through that class that there is no more slipping in some treats and converting to this lifestyle.

I am glad that I get to learn it and it will be beneficial to both hubs and I since we are both diabetics. I think it will be a lot easier for me to transition since I have a wider array of food choices that I will eat, but he told me that he is willing to try and will make the conversion. We know its the best for us.

The next thing that I'm starting to work on is getting rid of all carbonated beverages out of my diet. I drink less soda than ever before, but every once in a while I will get one especially when I eat out, but after surgery I will not be allowed carbonation. Most bypass patients can't tolerate any carbonation even after years of living the new lifestyle. I thought it would be harder to give up, but the benefits outweigh a diet coke any day.

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