Thursday, June 24, 2010

Diet Week 1

This week hasn't been as hard as I have expected on the diabetic diet. It has been a challenge, but in a good way. I'm feeling better and more stable. I'm learning where my sugar needs to be and how that makes my body feel. I'm also learning what I can eat and what will raise my blood sugar overall. It has been a week of learning and re-learning traits, but I'm following the food guide, watching my carb intake, and I am being diligent in my food diary. There was a huge rejoicing today when I took my fasting blood sugar and it was 105 down from 200+ and my sugar after lunch down to 119 from 328+! It is really awesome to feel a little better, but getting used to sugar being lower is not easy on the body either. My eyes have been re-adjusting to the lower sugar, my blood pressure is lowering even more, and sometimes I get light headed when I'm in the midst of not eating at the right time, but in time I think these things will work themselves out.


  1. I know the feeling! I need to go to the dr myself to see if I am pre or diabetic. I have been having to actually eat a candybar to get through the day. My body is still not adjusting to not having high blood sugar levels from when I was on the seroqul which makes me wonder if something else is wrong.

    Good for you for staying on your diet!!


  2. Melissa, I am proud of you for tackling so many important things at once. Good luck in your journey!