Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What happened to my vacation?

I've been back to work less than 2 full days and woah here we go - it is August at the university and here I go full steam. The next 8 weeks feel like they are jammed packed and I still can't believe that I'm going to take this on. Though its daunting it is so nice that (despite my costochondritis) I am able to take this all on. Yes, it will be long. Yes, it will be busy, but what is so awesome is that my body is able to do it. 3 Years ago I dreaded long days - training- crazy schedules...because my body couldn't do this. Now my body CAN! That is such an awesome thought. I CAN versus I CAN'T!!!!!!

Vacation was perfect. It was just the time I needed to be away from work and recharge. Now I get why people actually take them. Who would of thought I needed to learn that, but yes at 31 I'm just not learning being a workaholic is no bueno all the time. So the life long learning of work life balance has finally really begun. It is also time to reflect on being burnt out and what that does to me. I've never really explored that before, but I think it is something to consider. I'm looking forward to spending some time this semester doing things for me and taking time to breathe. To step back. To step away from life that is work and take on other things that aren't work/ it is hard because my work is my life, but it isn't all that I am. So much more to learn and I'm so willing to learn.


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