Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Words of Wisdom Wednesday Link Up

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It's time for a link up party. This is the first official Words of Wisdom Wednesday link up post. Take a moment and grab your favorite quotes, words of wisdom, antidotes, favorite sayings, quotes from books, scripture - you name it! 

Gather them up and post them here. I'm taking my Words of Wisdom from my pinterest board - feel free to link up both your quotes and board. You can find my complete Words of Wisdom pinterest board here

Note to self.

One of my FAVORITE quotes.  I first heard it from a medicine man.  I will never forget it either.  For as a women who tends to hold onto anger, its a blessing to be able to remind myself that it is hurting no one else but ME!  Be the person who loves yourself enough TODAY to let the anger GO!

Words to live by. Quotes.



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