Monday, August 5, 2013

Celebrating the Milestones

Weight. Pound. Inches. Ounces. Size. Numbers. These are all words that revolve around the scale. Tonight as I was watching Sister Wives - I continue to follow Janelle's journey of weight loss. Even though she didn't have WLS she has been loosing weight and doing the work to the loose the weight. She has hit a plateau where her scale isn't moving. She is basing her progress on her weight - a number.

One of the most inspirational things I saw on TV was that her trainer took her outside gave her a sledgehammer and had her destroy her at home scale. He stressed to her that she has lost almost 30 lbs in 90 days, lost 5 % body fat, and gained muscle. She was concerned about a number, he was concerned about progress. This act - him having her destroy her scale was inspirational to me.

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I don't have a scale. I don't weigh. I can't because I would be obsessed about the weight - the lb - the number and it would define me. It is already a huge mind F$%%* for me, but I fight it. I was liberated to here that the scale binds us and does not free us. It is about the goal of being healthy. It is about feeling good. It is about the smaller clothes, the looser pants, the bigger shirts, and knowing that you are adding to your life with years, days, are adding LIFE!

This quote is awesome....gotta keep things in perspective!

I was inspired today to know that I am not bound by a physical scale, but know that I am still in some ways the fat girl that is still bound by the invisible scale.

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