Sunday, August 4, 2013

Vacation Day #10

Well I made it to the end of my staycation. I got a ton of things done that I wanted and yet my to do list is still full. [Is that just a woman thing?] But I accomplished as much as I could and honestly I'm so glad I took this time off, I didn't realize how burnt out I was from work, life, my schedule. It has been really nice to just be....hmm the want the need to just be.

Today started off pretty great. I slept in on grown up time aka past 7 am! Today is going to be low key, some laundry, putting some other clothes away, packing up our awesome shipment to Amazon = aka get stuff we aren't using out of the house, and I have a ton of books to look up to sell back as well.

I got my baking in today. I doctored up a boxed banana bread recipe. Don't ever count out the doctored up recipes they are awesome. One reason I love Sandra Lee and Semi Home-made. You can take something and make it spectacular. I love eating through my pantry so I took my boxed banana bread and added 4 ripe bananas to the mix, a little extra vanilla and cinnamon and ta da - great banana bread. Super moist. Yummy, and works for a number of breakfast in the house.

I haven't done this in a while and I'm feeling inspired so ..... Are you ready?

5 Items I'm loving with my WLS right now!

1. Dasani Drop in Pineapple Coconut - I cannot wait to make some popsicles with this stuff!


2. Atkins Strawberry Banana Shakes - I need a change up from chocolate and this is wonderful (warning must be ICE cold)

3. Portion Control - I'm playing the mind over matter game. I don't NEED it all. I only NEED so much - this is a challenge for me but one that I feel like I'm winning in small settings. 

Mind over matter

4. Light and Fit Greek Yogurt = 80 calories = YUM. My favorite flavor is toasted cocounut.

5. Tennis Shoes - right now they are my saviour in pain, but they will be my companion as I walk walk walk over the next months and weeks. 



  1. Oh my gosh, I just saw a commercial for the dasani stuff and I'm dying to try the coconut pineapple! How are you going to make it into popsicles? I seriously want to know!

    1. I'm going to go ahead and mix it into the bottle of water as usual - i might add some blended crushed pineapple to it and pour it into the popsicle molds.