Saturday, July 27, 2013

Vacation Day #2 : Drop Biscuits and a Migraine

Today was not the day I had planned at all. One of the effects of the costochondritis, diagnosed with last week, is that when I am inflamed and tense - headaches that present like migraines are present. Today was one of those days. I hadn't had a headache in a little over a week, but last night it reared its lovely head alongside nausea and all its glory. So today was vacation in bed. Not the way I planned my Saturday, but despite feeling like death - girl has to eat!

I was craving comfort food and so I looked around the pantry for something quick to make. I decided I would make bisquick drop biscuits. I haven't had them in forever and my Dad is the only one that makes them, but I had gotten Bisquick for a steal last shopping go around ($1.00) so instead of making my substitute bisquick I had the real stuff on hand. I got into the kitchen whipped up a batch of 6 drop biscuits and enjoyed the smell, the feeling of the biscuits, and know that in 12 minutes that I would be feeling like I was home with Dad sitting at the table covering my biscuit with butter, peanut butter, and little syrup. Yum. (here is the pinned recipe - i made the biscuits and forgot the strawberry shortcake!

Food brings back so many memories, and its rare that I get up and just make them...I've allowed that part of my life to fade and shouldn't as my parents get older. Though it didn't cure the headache, it did fill my tummy, give me a sweet time to texting with Dad, and breakfast for tomorrow.

After a round of good medication and some sleep I felt good. When I'm feeling bad and get a wave of feeling good I get as much done as kitchen floor scrubbed, dishes washed, load of laundry in, load to go in next to the washer, trash taken out, and counters scrubbed. Now I'm back in bed relaxing with my ice pack after doing my stretches.

What am I baking tomorrow??????

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