Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vacation Day 3: Sunday Confessions & Baking

Here are my confessions for the past week:

1. I really hate waiting for pay day - this impacts my dishwasher love when I'm down to only 3 little pods of love from cascade.

2. Costochondritus Sucks...what is it - read below:
 Costochondritis which is an inflammation of a rib or the cartilage connecting a rib. It is a common cause of chest pain and can even cause tension headaches that look like migraines.

3. I'm a staycation this week...a whole week, one weekday, and two weekends - this is a first for me in my career...yep no more Housing hello Academic Advising summer love!

4. I'm such a nerd - I'm working on a class I'm teaching this fall for fun...since I'm out of the office.

5. I'm in love with tea...flavored teas.

Vacation today was awesome. This morning I got up and got my hubs up with me...we hit the pool on our dollar store pool noodles and hung out and talked, took up some sun, and spent some serious 1:1 time together. It was nice. I ended up finishing 3 loads of laundry today and did two loads of dishes (see confession #1 above!)

Today's baking adventure was really simple and something that wasn't made from scratch. I love baking for my husband and his friends, but for breakfast this week (at least for the first couple of days) he'll be munching on a blueberry muffin bread loaf. I had to use the milk up (I hate wasting food) and its pantry week - aka use everything up in the pantry so I got to work. Simple and easy 15 minutes later - here is the product.



  1. I wish I can bake, I'm really too lazy to even learn but I'm glad other people can do it.

    since you're no-reply blogger, I couldn't answer your question in an email but on my blog, but if you're interested, my shop's at

    hope you have a sweet day.

  2. Lissa thank you for sharing your shop. I did not know I was a no-reply blogger!!!! I appreciate you letting me know. I fixed that this morning :-)

    Good luck on your shop!

  3. I love tea too. I have so many different kinds and drink at least 4 cups every day!

  4. Every day should be pay day. Or at least every week. I'm not fond of that whole waiting two weeks to get paid again thing.

  5. Alyx, lets solve this problem and develop a $$ more pay day YAY!