Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunday Confessions ( a day late!!! )" target="_blank">
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Here are my confessions for the past week...are you ready?
1. I realize that when I'm sick that nothing in the house gets done. Seriously I need a maid service!
2. I love my dishwasher and will run my dishwasher 3 times a day rather than standing to wash dishes. I realize this is not sustainable and it is lazy, but after 5 years of living in housing with no dishwasher I use it!
3. Pain is exhausting....I have more sympathy than ever for my arthritic and fibromayalgia friends now. Constant pain just....UGH
4. I always have a bottle of liquid with me. I realized how ridiculous I was this past weekend when I walked from room to room in my apt with a bottle of water with some mio - I even took it to the bathroom - ok....this may need an intervention.
5. I'm starting to coupon again and I am not afraid to admit I LOVE IT and I LOVE it for FREE!!!!



  1. Dude. As far as the dishwasher thing? I'm right there with ya. I mean, we've lived in this house without a dishwasher for only a year, and I'm already going crazy!

  2. that was one thing my husband wouldn't compromise on after years without one - i hate doing dishes and he always ended up doing them, so I make sure I get good use out of my dishwasher. as i write this i'm running a load and planning load two in the afternoon!