Monday, May 20, 2013

193 lbs

Today I'm 193 lbs. Since coming off the Nuva Ring that makes 9lbs in just about a month that I've been able to shed. I'm not under 100 lbs lost since surgery again and loving it! I got on the scale this past week and didn't believe it so as I was signing up for a gym membership at school for the summer I weighed in on the "big scale" and yep 193 it is. So YAY for 101 lbs lost again from my surgery date and many many inches later I'm on the right side of the losing bench again.

I'm happy to report that all of the doctor's involved and I'm overly convinced that the hormones really was the cause of all this. Of course will we ever know 100 %? Nope. It doesn't matter to me if they don't know why all I know is that I'm losing and not trying. So here is to trying *raise my glass of mio to the air* and on we go. If not trying gets me 9 lbs down a little effort and working out with some side of burning calories - lets move this fat! Yes...I just said that. MOVE THIS FAT!

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