Monday, April 15, 2013

Detoxing from the Nuva Ring

The last week has been one of great ups and downs. Realizing something was hurting me was terrifying but also empowering and I knew that coming off the Nuva Ring was the best thing for me and my doctor's agreed. I feel great that I led the move on this decision, but knew that the decision would have it's own consequences.

When you come off hormones of any kind your body must readjust and this week has been one of readjustment. I've been more irratable than normal and I've been extremely tired. My body is very sensitive to hormones of any kind - but coming off and not having them any more has been a trial and error experience for me (and my dear husband).

I can say that now that its been a week there are some huge improvements that I am happy to report. My body feels cleaner. I know that is awkward to state, but I feel like my body isn't being bogged down by something. My body feels ligheter. I felt that when I was on the Nuva Ring I felt heavy, like a weight was holding me down, and that was not a feeling I liked. I am less bloated feeling as well. I drink alot of liquid each day and I shouldn't ever feel like I'm carrying water on me - and now that I have something to compare myself to - yep that is a feeling that is gone too.

My sugar has been amazingly better. I'm not forcing myself to eat like an RX. I'm eating real food still high in protein and low in carbs, but I've had a cracker here or a piece of cake and haven't sugar crashed. In the past week I've only had one episode of low sugar (it hit 67) yesterday and I don't think it was because of hormones, I really think it was because I slept 12 + hours, was exhausted, my eating was off, and I'm still fighting an infection (which can flux your sugar). Other than this I have felt better overall.

My skin is clearer - less oily. My joints are sore and I'm not having "flare" ups in my hips (which can be a very rare side effect of Nuva Ring). I feel like I have more energy and I don't feel like I'm weighted down where I can't move around. I'm sleeping better, I'm not waking up in the middle of the night - there is a definite change in my insomnia patterns. I'm still a little anxious - but having done the hormone thing I know this is a normal, common symptom of changing hormones from one to another. The anxiety is lessening and I'm very thankful to friends and my dear husband for putting up with this transition.

After this situation and the research that I've done I think I've decided with my husband that despite the PCOS we will not be going on birth control. There are many ways to manage family management and I don't want to put myself through something like this again epecially after finding out my sister had the same reaction to Nuva Ring. So we move forward now.

What's next in this medical saga?

More doctor's appoitents, but good ones. Next monday I get to see the top Endocronologist in DFW at Baylor and we are going to run the blood test and hormone baselines. Haven't had this indepth work up on the PCOS since my surgery and hopefully he'll be able to have some insight of where my PCOS is on the spectrum, treatment, and how to get the rest of the weight moving off. I'm optomistic as he has already been great and works with my current team of docs.

Medicine changes - I think in the next few months if not month some of my depression / anxiety meds will be watched closely and can be taken down. I don't want to be on stuff that I don't need to take!

Taking care of me which includes still working on jogging/walking that 5 K coming up, eating at my 1200 calorie mark, working the plan, taking in the liquid, and healing mentally from this (thanks to another great doc). This taking care of e is alot - but it is something that can't be avoided to undue the last 9 months of damage that my body has been through.


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