Monday, April 8, 2013

Advocating for YOUrself

Advocating for yourself isn't easy. It is down right scary and these past few weeks haven't really made me in the mood to advocate for anything, but today with everything falling into place I remember why I'm an advocate for myself and others. It is empowering to know your body. It is empowering to know what goes on with it, its patterns, but it is even more empowering to be able to advocate for yourself and be heard by your doctor(s).

Today I called not one but five of my docs with my findings. They conference called and discussed my case and what I had found and what I had requested - I wanted off my Nuva Ring because I think it is the root of the issues I am having. After about a two hour wait, my doctors all agreed that this - the Nuva Ring - could be and most likely is the variable that has caused the issues, but until I detox we won't know for sure. So today I removed the ring.

I have an appointment in 2 weeks to run major PCOS blood work and to figure out what is going on with my hormones, my metabolism, and how that is impacting my weight loss. I'm armed with knowledge and logs for weeks to show what I've been doing. My docs are in agreement that this may be the issue that explains all other issues from obgyn, bariatric, general doc, and my psychiatrist agree Nuva Ring is a bad thing. Now I just have to allow my body to detox which is not fun at all.

I can tell you within hours of removing it - my body feels lighter and I'm not as anxious - could this be placebo? I don't know, but I'm so sensitive to hormones that I doubt it. I'm going to follow it this week very closely and keep in contact with my doctors. I'm most surprised that hormones can influx your sugar. For me it has been bottoming it out and I'm glad that *fingers crossed* I'm going to have some good results with my sugars and not been in the bottom but in the stable.

I've been reading about the detox off of Nuva Ring and it doesn't sound fun, but it does sound promising. So I'm keeping with my supplements, going to keep with my 5k training of walking and jogging, and I'm going to keep on keeping on because this is NOT going to get the best of me. At least not today.


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