Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"You've lost weight!"

I admit it I don't own a scale. I don't weigh. So I don't know if I've lost any major amounts of weight unless I'm at a doctor visit. I have noticed over the last week that I'm feeling better but have stayed away from the mentality about losing weight.

Today I was hanging out with co-workers and both of the that see me all the time noticed that there is a difference. They both said that I've looked like I've lost weight. That was super encouraging to hear because I don't often see it. Sometimes I feel it in my clothes, sometimes I might feel lighter - but after all of the ups and downs of the past 9 months I'm too scared to get my hopes up about a lb or two or three - I'm focused on the feeling, the doing, the NSV's that I am able to do everyday.

I did some amazing lifting on my own over the last few days of water jugs, botttles of water, oving large items and tubs around in the heat. 28 months ago - that wouldn't of been a thought. I would of laughed at the idea and asked my husband to do it - so I take those as moments of good things.

I ran not once, not twice, but now up to 5 times jogging/walking a mile. It is getting easier each day and each time I do it. Walking will happen - it isn't about the time of the race, it is about the finish for me. To cross that line...I want to be someone who does it! I'm going to make it happen with my husband by myside!

I thought this was cool so I would share it today with you all:

Representing the ; today!!!!

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