Monday, April 22, 2013


196 lbs is what I weighed in today and I couldn't be happier. Last week I hit 200 lbs and nearly fell off the scale, but since the removal of the Nuva Ring and keeping the running and eating going I have managed to get back on the losing train!

I met my endocronologist today and I was so glad to have him in my life. He is going to be an amazing assest to my health. Yes, I still odd and the factor of the Nuva Ring perplexes him as well, but like he said today I may not be able to explain it scientifically but you are proving the theory that it has impacted you. He is off to do some more research on how the hormones in the Nuva Ring can impact me and my pancreas.

Today's appointment has really left me hopeful. I am hopeful to have some type of plan of action with this weird affliction. I'm thankful to have a doctor that is willing to research and look at things before changing any variables. I am very hopeful that in the next month or so that I will find out what is going on both on the blood sugar side and the PCOS side.

I was worried about where do we go now with PCOS questions. He was really easy to talk to and today when he took blood we did a complete baseline bloodwork on my A1C, ensymes in my liver and pancreas, some other basic blood work and checked in on the FSH and TSH - that is the testosterone and female hormone estrogen levels. He also stated that based on what he saw and after another few weeks with keeping with my same program that he is going to look into doing a liquid meal test - the equivilant of a glucose test for diabetics with RNY. So in this test I would take a glucerna shake (low carb low sugar) and then he would measure my blood as my body processed it.

I have to do a few things on my end like get records from the hospital when they looked at my pancreas and follow up on some paperwork on old bloodwork - but those I can handle. Easy phone calls and request. He just wants to make sure we have covered all the bases as there are some rare issues with the pancreas where there could be a tumor that isn't visible causing issues in the more extreme cases. There is also hope that I won't need medications of any type and that is both our goal. Like he said today that the aim is to be as healthy as possible with as little medicine as possible. That I'll take to the bank, because I'm never going to to put hormones in it again!


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