Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Endocronologist, PCOS, WLS Oh My!

When I was morbidly obese and was finally diagnosed with PCOS after years of misdiagnosis and doctors just not knowing what to look for in a 12-15 year old girl, at 24 I was diagonosed with PCOS. This was a huge revelation for me that I finally had answers why I was gaining weight even with exercise, dieting, etc. It was a relief to have an answer about what my body was doing. It was awesome to know that most of the co-morbidities I was suffering was due to obesity + PCOS.

I was 24 years old and in 2004 after massive anxiety attacks, insomnia, massive weight gain, and unaswered questions about my sugar I was finally sent to an endocronologist and voila after months of testing I had PCOS. It explained everything and for years afterwards I continued to gain. I became pre-diabetic then diabetic and then I got fet up. I wanted a life a real life. I wanted my life to reflect who I was so I started my WLS journey.

Here we are today. I still have PCOS and I'm post RNY. My symptoms are not the ones from 2004 they are different. Before the Nuva Ring incident I was considered almost cured since I had cycles on my own, the hirituism lessened, and my weight was coming off but now that hormones that I put in my body has shaken me...I start over. I go to the endocronologist on Monday.

What do I ask now? Are there different questions to be asked now that my guts are rearranged? Are their new insights or things I need to look out for? What are my levels - TSH and FSH? I don't have cysts, but are other symptoms coming back. How do we battle them NOW? How can I battle them?

I know for me hormones aren't an answer - so what is?

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