Monday, March 11, 2013

Pinterest Me

I love Pinterest, no really I do. It fills my urge to dream, think about doing projects, and shop too. I don't need to go window shopping cause I have Pinterest on my computer, phone, oh and my kindle fire too!

Pinterest has given me alot of inspiration and I love to adapt recipes. It is probably my favorite place to go for recipes at the moment and I've been posting quite a few of things I've made, altered, and enjoyed. I thought I would share some of my pinning fun today with you all and some boards that I really love!

My boards are here

For recipes that I've actually made from Pinterest - each of them have notes of what I changed and I'm trying to include my blog link in those

For recipes that I'm collecting - these are things that look good, might be great for a party, and eventually I will make but I have well over 1100 pins. Enjoy the look through

For Quinoa (my new love) I am experimenting with it and love it so (plus I have a ton in my pantry) so why shouldn't it have its own board!

I don't just cook - I also craft so here are two boards that are my go to boards:

I also just started running a group board. This is totally new to me, but it is something that has been really neat to watch grown. My husband owns a larp (live action role play game) and through larp there is lots of crafting, costuming, and make up to be done for this interactive theater. So we now have a board that has grown and grown.

Every girl has a pinterest wedding so I'm going to follow suit and share my board too - one day I will get re-married or do a vow renewal that doesn't include a court house

One of the things I love to do is to collect quotes. I've been doing this a long while and pinterest has only given me more space to collect

Hope you enjoyed a little jaunt in to my Pinteresting World!


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