Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Confession 2013 #2

This week has been crazy and I've hit the "omg it is the beginning of the semester and I'm overwhelmed feeling" looking at my to do list that is way to long and realizing that my Christmas tree and stuff is down but now put away. So let confessions begin!

1. I've hit cynical when it comes to my students and advising - this is typical for the first two weeks in school and during high advising season. Take a read you might find this a little WOW that is totally not Melissa

2. My Christmas stuff is down and in boxes minus the tree that is now naked, but sitting in my kitchen, yes my kitchen. Hopefully the hubs gets that put in the storage cube today.

3. We now own 2 more pieces of grown up furniture - a real DVD woods rack and an electronic center for multiple printers and IT gadgets. There might be hope to convert the dining room into a livable space!

4. Chiropractors rock. I would not be moving without mine this week and I can't wait to go get "cracked" this week.

5. I'm sad that college football is over. I'm that a huge NFL fan, but college football...well the season is done. Time to hang up the Horned Frog shirt and convert to being a good KU Jayhawk wife during the basketball season which we are starting off with 14-1 record. Rock Chalk!


  1. Haha! That`s funny, I`m a UNR football fan (since that`s where I went), but being from/living in Vegas, I have to be a UNLV basketball fan. So I know what you mean!

  2. I am still trying to understand the rules of football. As a German in America I know that I have to learn but it is so complicated. :)

  3. Oh I just saw my Chiro today and I love him! Seriously, I was in so much pain with a lower back issue and he fixed it right up AND I had consistent numb fingers that a Dr diagnosed as carpal tunnel and since seeing him it's almost all gone... he saved me from surgery!

  4. I tell you what... basketball season is the ONLY time I will be a Jayhawk fan for ANYTHING! Lol I'm sad that football season is over, and a bit disappointed with how the season ended for my Huskers, but there's always next year.

    Thanks for linking up!