Friday, January 11, 2013

Frankly Friday #1 of 2013

Frankly Friday - the week before school starts in advising is not fun at all. I'm bombarded with questions like "what is an elective?" and "why do I have to take a science with a lab?" I'm also told many times that "I don't want that teacher" and "I can't take a class at that time" oh and don't forget the oldy but goody "my brother/sister (insert Greek alpha here) is taking it and I can't NOT take it." Really?!?!?!?!
Frankly Friday I got through college and graduate school without ever using or utilizing test files from my "greek file" cabinet. I made it through a very rigorous school with honors and I never took a easy class just cause or a bird class cause my sisters cousin brother took this class with this professor and "I didn't have to do any work!" I went to school to learn. I went to school to be challenged. I went to school to get an education, learn to think, be a better person.
Frankly Friday I'm glad you are here, but I'm not excited at all about next week because it is the first week of classes and the questions that will come will be "why is this class closed?" "why can't I waitlist?" "i pay so much money for this school, the math department can't add more classes?"
My personal favorite is "can you just get me in that class?" Sure in a perfect world I, the advisor, would have magical powers to wave my magical wand over the computer and get you into the perfect class schedule where you sleep till noon and go to class 2 hours a day and then do no work and get all A's and you have to do nothing but get your parents to write a big fat check. Yes...I can get you into that class.
What? Really I do get asked this and the answer above is what they want...No I can't get you into that class and if you had done what I told you in a timely manner last semester and didn't procrastinate, listen to someone else, take advice from a fellow senior with straight D's you might have gotten the classes you wanted, but I will promise you one thing YOU WILL GET ALL THE CLASSES YOU NEED, NOT WANT! This is no sufficient but frankly I don't care....I'm an alumni and I sat where you are and no one helped me as much as I help you. Live with your schedule....I did and I've gotten 2 + degrees since then.

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