Sunday, January 6, 2013

Confession #1 of 2013

1. I still have all of my Christmas decorations up. Yep you read tree, my mantel, my "wreath" it is all still up and I even plugged it in this weekend. So that being said I'm giving it one more week and by this time next week I will be Christmas free.

2. I was excited to see Valentines Stuffs out!!!!! I I'm obsessed....I love Valentines Day that is referred to as Love Day in our house and it is 14 days of me loving on my husband. So much fun - totally went ape all over the dollar bin at Target on Saturday.

3. I'm craving ice cream like BAAAAAAD. Can't have it....but want it. I don't really know why it is cold out and I'm freezing.

4. Fuzzy fur boots are my zen piece of clothing. I now own purple suede and black fuzzy boots. OMG....i'm trendy!

1 comment:

  1. I like fuzzy fur boots, but I don't have the jeans to wear with them, so I usually look like a werido when I do!