Sunday, January 6, 2013

To Whole Foods I Went

When I first lived in TX I lived near TCU and the university community and that is what I knew. I didn't branch out much and it wasn't until I moved back here with my husband that I actually explored Fort Worth...and surrounding areas. Yes I traveled, but I never explored the back yard! So I hadn't done much of this either this year really until the last month or so. I finally gave in to the fact that I'm not a TCU college student and I don't just live there. There are so many other great sources of places to shop and to explore...I really need to live more. So hence what I've been doing little by little.

When I moved away from the East Coast to the midwest I gave up Whole Foods. I love the store and now more than ever need a store with specialty products to make my lifestyle eating easier. I thought I had lost it forever because Central Market and HEB is all that was around here even though I'm in the land of Whole Foods - hello founded in Austin! On one of my adventures I found one..close to me and seriously so close that I shall never need to shop over by TCU unless I'm at work and have a craving for something. So yesterday I went to Whole Foods and got some yummy items with coupons.

Now WLS patients eat protein all the time. We add it to baking, we drink it, we supplement with it, but the new year brings great deals on expensive proteins and ones that I have a hard time forking out cash for....but that isn't the case since everyone is dieting and I'm just eating to live and keep my sugar up. I scored an 80 dollar bottle of protein for 29 with a free blender bottle and it will last me forever! It also isn't just protein it contains some fiber, anti oxidants, and 3 servings of green veggies. I also finally broke down and bought almond milk! Soy Delicious a favorite brand makes almond milk with 5 grams of protein. All the extra protein I can get helps and the almond milk plus the new protein = delicious! I picked up a protein shot that for a shot has 25 grams of protein and low carb. Its called proasis and was a suggestion from my friend Jenn who is newly out from her RNY. I thought why not...these have to be cold and the colder the better. I stuck my in the freezer for about 10 min and shot it! Great way to make it to my protein goal especially lately with this "i'm not hungry thing" going on. At Whole Foods they were 2.99 a pop and that isn't ideal, but I wanted to try them before I committed to anything more expensive. I wouldn't use these all the time, but it might be another trick to have in my tool box.

I also went venturing into the Whole Foods pre made section. I was out for the day while our friends were playing in a local park and I saw they had sushi. White rice is no bueno for me but they had some made with brown rice which I can eat. So I picked up some spicy shrimp brown rice sushi, another premade lunch type item, some luna protein bars and some new think thin flavors and was off. It took me two sittings 3 hours a part to eat my 8 pieces of sushi, but it was such a treat. I also enjoyed my pre made protein packed lunch that had cheese, chicken salad, grapes, a few multi grain crackers. Ideal to have in the house when I don't want to cook!

Yesterday I splurged on a chai latte with soy from the 'bux, but I also am proud to say I stayed on my diet, made over 80 grams of protein and got all my liquid. That is a huge success and I feel empowered and proud. I got a good work out of walking in yesterday too even despite the cold weather TX is having...hello winter!

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  1. Hi Melissa. Oh how I love Wholefoods. I drive out of my way each week to do my weekly shopping there. I stick to the parameter. Whole fruits and veggies. Meats, cheese etc. I do stop by the chocolate isle for some 85% cacao, yummmmm. I've never tried those protein shots. I do use a protein shake every once in a while. Let us know how you like the shots!