Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Confessions

Here are my confession for 2012 - late yes, but still here nonetheless.

1. I want a puppy really bad....it is really an unhealthy obsession to want to dress up a little puff of fur and treat it like a child, but nonetheless I want!

2. I wish I weighed less. Yes it is true. My WLS journey isn't about a number that is magical, but there is a goal that has been out of my reach and I'm so damn close. I want to reach my WLS goal of being 170...the messed up thing is I'm still shrinking, I'm in smaller clothes than ever, yet I want to reach this number....like 170 is the end all be all thing! Ooooof I don't get it.

3. I thought moving home to TX in some ways would allow me to reconnect with the friends and times I had here in a particular way, but it didn't work out that way. TX had been lonely for quite awhile till I let this go, but it was unrealistic. In this I had to let go of friends, and I don't like that...just wasn't in the cards for me..them...us.

4. I want a maid service - not for the day to day, but the once a week deep clean to free up time. Godsh I wish I had the cash to do that. Even every other week would be nice.

5. I hate it when my kitchen is messed up and I let it sit - I've turned into my mother and this is my domain that I claim and clean.

6. I'm glad to have reconnected with my mom, trying to figure out how to fix things with my Dad. Parental relationships as you grow up are hard.

7. I hoard paper...I love paper especially scrapbook paper and I hoard it...I have way more than I need yet I always find a way to buy more...its a problem.

8. I don't see myself as skinny as others see me. I still see all the work left to go rather than being reminded all the work that I've done. Thank goodness for friends and family to point this out to me.

9. I'm hardheaded but I think in a good way.

10. I'm head strong, alpha female and I like me....I found that I like to have male friends who aren't scare of that and I can be the me that I am.

well there you have it 10 confessions.....Happy New Year!

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