Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Accountability Club

One of my facebook groups that I am in is doing an accountability club; I'm excited to walk this road with fellow WLS friends who are also getting back on track but left the old resolutions behind us as we took on the new tool of controlling our weight.

My post this week to work on was "I am going to work staying on my RH diet this week with no cheating." It is hard not to cheat with temptation, but I have to do this for me. Maybe it is the urgency of meeting my new surgical office to follow my bariatric progress next week or the fact that I just want to rid myself of the last 20 lbs to my goal weight...regardless I have to eat better. It isn't for a diet. It is a for a real condition and if I love myself enough I will do it. I love myself enough I decided.

I love me.

So how was I going to do this and go on a business trip this week? Let's talk dedication and slight embarrassment. I packed my food and snacks to come with me! Yes, protein powder, PB2, soy milk, atkin pre made shakes, protein bars, and yogurt too. I was super excited to find out they had a refrigerator in my room when we got here and I didn't have to put this all on ice, but regardless I'm staying true to what I need. I need protein. I need proper snacks. I need balanced meals in between my actual meals. This is all crucial to be able to keep my sugars healthy, me on track with my diet and lifestyle. I even brought my drinks! I'm telling you I don't think I've ever brought this much food on purpose on a trip. Time to let there be no excuses and remember the following:


So I'm not going to let my RH hump of last year stop this journey. I'm going to keep going and going to keep moving and motivating. I can surround myself with good things like food choices, snacks, activities to do, and new people to meet, but most importantly I am going to love myself enough to do it. I can be accountable because I want to be...also need to be, but more want to be because I'm worth it!

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