Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Confessions

I absolutely love linking up with Alyx over at Sunday Confessions. It has been something fun I've really enjoyed doing this year and I don't plan to stop anytime soon. 

The confessions this week are real....they are deep from my heart...and since I was going to write a post to empty my anxiety filled and stressed filled heart - I thought why not!

1. Its been a rough week and it has made my weekend filled with residual anxiety and a messed up sugar system. no bueno at all.

2. it seems that there are two months out of the year that if there are financial issues that they come to light no matter what - it is always june and december and it happens to fall on my anniversary and christmas. two months i look forward to and two months that seems that i'm an emotional mess.

3. i feel horrible for yelling at my dear husband yesterday. he was making a decision that was best for us and i blew up because he didn't communicate with me over it - it was anxiety, stress, and left over sugar reaction and i let it all out tears, screaming , crying, anxiety drop. i love him. i love him so much and i hate when my anxiety gets the best of me...and gets word vomited all over him.

4. the only thing that is keeping me a little more sane this weekend is crafting and pinterest. i usually bake but it isn't totally safe for me to be cooking when my sugar is unstable so i turned to pinterest and been working through my crafts to make list, looking through my massive craft boxes and getting to things i've wanted to make. its kind of insane cause i'm on project 3!

5. sleep - when i get anxious i sleep. i slept friday after dinner till saturday morning. i slept most of yesterday after noon and i see a deep xanax filled nap this afternoon. necessity. totally not what i wanted to do at all.

sorry for the depressing post, but it was most therapeutic - i needed this relief. 


  1. Sometimes you just gotta vent and get things off your chest! I totally understand that. :)

    And I'm so with you on #2. Things are always tight for us financially but man, it just seems 1,000 times worse in December. :(

    Happy Sunday!

  2. I hope things get better for you soon! And I hear ya on #2 as well... Freakin' Christmas. At least tax returns come soon after!

    Thanks for linking up!