Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pantry Menu Week WLS Style

Last week I had a bad RH attack and I'm still feeling the impact on my body 3 days later. Eating is not an option for any of us, but me eating off my diet and off my plan - definitely not an option. I learned that I have to assertive and ask for special meals that will allow me to eat out when I am going to luncheons or dinners, I have to be willing to speak up and say I can't eat there. I also have to no matter what stay on that eating schedule or I will cause myself unnecessary harm that is not needed at all. So what am I going to do? Eat on my matter what. Lesson learned, and moving forward instead of backward.

This week for me is pantry week. I'm eating out of my pantry, fridge, and freezer and only need a few fresh things from the grocery store. So what is in store for me?

Sunday's Menu:
Breakfast - frozen egg muffins with whole wheat toast
Lunch - cheese grits
Snack - low fat cheese stick and half a protein bar
Dinner - broiled steak with a 1/4 cup of brown rice with terryaki sauce drizzled over

Monday's menu:
Breakfast - frozen egg muffins with whole wheat toast
Snack - yogurt with granola
Lunch - chili (leftovers)
Snack - protein bar/ shake
Dinner -Steak pot roast crockpot

Tuesday's menu:
I'm off from work - so I'll cook just haven't planned out that far!

Other meals I can make this week:
pork chops
spaghetti (quinoa) with meatballs
squash rice medley with steak

I realized that we have a lot of frozen steak and pork chops - so I needed to get creative. This is left over from my big semester shopping trip when I buy in bulk and put in meal bags. With being so busy the last few weeks I haven't used these - so over the next few weeks I can use them and stretch is pretty far with my little pouch. For instance today I took one steak and made 3 meals - my dinner tonight and my crockpot meal that will be 2 additional meals. Not bad at all!

I need a few things from the store - got to have some carrots for crunch to munch, need some yogurt (my staple snack), soy milk, and some low fat mozzeralla sticks as well. I have some canned fruit this week that I'll use from the pantry to fill in my fruit and I've saved a ton!

Now just to make a list for the big trip in January to fill up the pantry, freezer, and lots of little spots with misc items. I need to head out and buy things that will make my baking easier as I switch over to whole wheat flour etc. I'll be looking to buy quinoa in bulk and some other things in bulk as well because that will assist me in making easy meals each week. I really want the small portable crock pot via amazon. I hope I get it for christmas because it will be one way that I can cook on the go (via car my office or at a conference). I will definitely be doing some bulk buying off of amazon because you can't beat their deals with our chili mix, protein bars and protein powder, and specialty WLS snacks with high protein that will help my transition for a better life with RH.

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