Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Planning with my RH

This new diet (the low carb part) is taking some re-getting used to. I don't know if re-getting is a word, but I totally just used it or made it up! I did really well planning on Sunday, but I only planned for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Last night was class and I cheated by having 4 chicken nuggets for dinner after a long day I didn't want to cook. I didn't realize how this would bite me in the bum until I woke up this morning and was scrambling for food for today outside of snacks!

So lesson #1: need to plan for breakfast a week at a time and lesson #2: need to research fast low carb options. So here I am hungry, late to work because again no food but snackage, and thinking what can I eat? I hit up Jack and the box and go for scrambled eggs and sausage patty. Not bad at all - but realize it is cheaper to buy the meal with the mini pancakes and hashbrowns - so I get it, but I didn't eat the carbs no no no. So lesson #3 - quick breakfast can be found - but I'll stick to cooking because for what I paid this morning $3.24 I can cook a whole week of breakfast for $2.50 give or take what's on hand.

Lesson #4 - lunch?!?!?!?!?! seriously forgot about lunch. I have some food storage at work, but all my quick meals had carbs what to do. I ran errands at lunch and headed to Kroger to drop off RXs (I'm hubs' secretary) so while I was there picked up stuff to bake tonight for the potlucks tomorrow and voila' found chicken salad that was low carb in their to go section score - only $2.87 and it had grapes and celery in it - I paired that with my carrots and hummus for lunch.

Now dinner...well tonight I'm making a deconstructed lasagna with quinoa. Hubs has class so I can cook what I want! I'll cook the a sauce, mix the low fat ricotta with mozarella, brown up some ground chuck, cook quinoa and layer in a ramekin and bake. Yum! No noodles - complex carbs and protein. Will make 2 and put one in the fridge. Tomorrow will be the real test in regards to eating. It is our big buffet at work and I have to stay away from simple carbs. I'm determined to do the best I can and I am bringing stuff to work just in case. It is just a new way to look at food. I'm learning as fast as I can and it hasn't been an easy swing of things.

Low carb snacks I'm loving:
1. low carb protein powder with PB2 in light chocolate soy milk
2. non fat vanilla yogurt with 1 tbsp granola
3. carrots and hummus
4. imitation crab meat

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