Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nutrition Break

As I'm sitting here eating my lunch (and still writing my term paper due at 6 pm tonight) I thought while I was eating that I would write and tell you all about the update from my doctor. I was super nervous yesterday, but at the end of the appointment I was left was thrilling news. Now this might not be thrilling to most people, but there will be no medicines given for this RH roller coaster. I don't have to have my pancreas removed or more blood tests run. I will be able to manage this with diet.

So what caused this? The introduction of simple carbohydrates to my diet. When the majority of patients are diagnosed with RH carbohydrates are introduced along with other measures. In my case introduction of carbohydrates were not the best thing, but the average person wouldn't know what to look for. So how did they figure this out? Remember how I am severly OCD with my food log, blood glucose log, and water log...well I was able to send 6 months of records to an endocronologist to look at along with my blood work throughout the same time frame and current bloodwork. He found a pattern in the eating habits. He found a pattern in the enzymes my pancreas was producing and made the connection that when simple carbohydrates and carbohydrates in general were consumed without a protein source my pancreas acted up. So what does this mean? Well 1 - no one can ever yell at me for being OCD about my food log and 2- my pancreas doesn't like carbs now post surgery.

We've already altered my diet to be low card and when I'm eating complex carbs it should always be in combination with a protein source. This alone has changed my world, but this is most likely going to be the way I will live my life. No more refined sugars, refined flours, starches etc because I could cause an RH attack. This is not normal. This is not average. This is a very uncommon circumstance, but when did I ever do anything normal right! I'm just glad to have an answera and a way to track it. So from now on its low carb (complex carbs only) with high protein and sweating off the increase in calorie intake of the protein. My body should level out since it has been going crazy. My body should also start to shed the carbs inside of it and I'll go through cravings etc, but in the end we aren't worried about massive regain we are concerned with living, working, being active, and allowing myself to continue the journey to my goal weight. Hooray!


  1. So happy you have some answers are are armed with knowledge to successfully continue your journey!

  2. So happy you have some answers are are armed with knowledge to successfully continue your journey!

  3. So excited that you finally have answers!! You can now coninur to rock this journey!!! Ivan so proud of you!