Monday, November 19, 2012

Working Out My Whey!

I heart puns I'm in one of those moods today! I think it is because the stress of work has gotten to me. So alas, here is my outlet for talking and getting all this icky anxiety/stress mess out! This past weekend I spent recovering from a rollercoaster of RH "fun" so I didn't get a ton of things I wanted to done and I was majorly exhausted till last night at around 9 pm go figure! Thought if you read my facebook status you've thought I was normal old me "This morning I couldn't sleep in so I've been productive with law and order in the background, I've made tea for the week, put in 4 loads of laundry, sorted all the clean to be recorded, emptied closets of hangers to be used, picked up trash, sorted recycling, took my vitamins, drinking my fiber, and ordered protein for my new RH low sugar I just need to go to the grocery store!" Followed by " This afternoon after I get home from Walmart I have 2 etsy orders to start, dinner to prep, clothes to fold, and to write half a 5 page paper"

I am very proud to say I got it all done by the 5 page paper...that is due tomorrow and somehow my notes and thoughts won't allow me to put them on the type written paper grrrr....tonight...yes tonight it has to be done it is DUE tomorrow! So overall not too too bad, right?

This weekend I did complete my WOD

WOD for Saturday:
60 sec warm up bounce on the ball
2 sets of 10 rep bicep curl
2 sets of 10 rep tricep curl
2 sets of 10 rep forearm curl
2 sets of 10 rep tricep extension
2 sets of 10 rep overhead tricep extension
2 sets of 10 rep reverse forearm curl
2 sets of 10 rep arms straight out in front of me from waist to shoulders (deltoids)
2 sets of 10 rep arms straight out to my sides from waist to shoulder
2 sets of 10 rep arms at side bending at waist rotating left and right
2 sets of 10 rep barbells up lifiting and rotating left and right while balance with one leg up on ball
2 sets of 10 rep weight overhead meeting above my head and moving back toward my shoulders
2 sets of 10 reps for chest press

Note: still getting easier, but the last 8 to 10 numbers of the reps are burning!

2 sets of 10 reps of ball toe raises (i put my 2 lb weights on my knees for extra resistance)
1 sets of 10 reps of ball outer thigh raises
2 set of 10 reps of ball inner thigh raises
2 set of 10 leg lifts right leg
2 set of 10 leg lifts left leg
2 sets of 10 reps of the leg ball curl

6 situp / crunches

Now I realize that those 6 crunches seem lame. Heck typing them seems lame, but you know what I did them in good form all 6! I'm proud of myself because you have to start somewhere one step at a time and I'm starting with 6!

I tried out a new whey protein for smoothie this morning that was actually pretty good. I can't complain about the taste, the texture, or the calories and or carbs. For 1 scoop its 100 calories, 15g of protein, and 7 carbs. I used half a scoop, added vanilla light soy milk, 1 tbsp of PB2, and 1 medium banana. Crazy monkey it is! The price was really reasonable - $9.95. Can't beat that and I chose the chocolate since my vanilla option the other day was not so good, but overall chocolate is pretty great. One of my former students told me they loved her protein, so I thought I would try it and so far so good! I'm wondering if I can make a "chocolate covered strawberry shake?"


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