Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving WLS Style

The Mrs. and The Momma
Holidays are hard for those of us who have had WLS and have to live in society where gorging on food and overeating for holidays are the usual. So WLS patients post ops and pre-ops to some extent have to go into the Holidays with a game plan. It isn't dieting, this is a lifestyle, so I'm posting today and linking up with The Mrs. and The Momma over here on her Holiday Link Up (see cute button above!)
So what is my plan for the Holiday Season when it comes to eating? What is my plan for Turkey Day? You ready....ok here we go!
  1. I'm going to live my life and NOT stress out about food. There is no need to - this will make the holiday season worse!
  2. I can't over eat! It is physically impossible unless I want to suffer gut death, hurting, and dumping, so being a realist I will eat my plate like I always do - a balance plate with protein first then sides.
  3. I'm going allow myself to have a taste of something if I would like to have it. This is my idea of a splurge.
  4. I love carbs I heart bread...I can have 1 roll with butter (or as much as my pouch will let me take in )
  5. I will stick to my routine of liquid, vitamins, meds, working out, and being active.
  6. I will be ok with holiday get togethers and buffets because I will always bring something I can eat! I will bring a side or dessert that I know is safe for me. It is about being normal not always saying NO to everything.
  7. I will take control of my holiday meal. For me it was telling my super cute husband that I am going to cook my meal so I planned stuff that I can eat, tolerate, and want - ran it by him and then I'm adding in sides he wants. I won't be tempted. I have stuff I want. Also we are making all of our desserts sugar free - so for me that is a plus
  8. Surrounding myself with people that understand me and support my pouch, my lifestyle, and my WLS goal!
  9. Not being afraid to ask what people will be serving or what will be at a gathering. I can always ask to bring something and be a true southern woman and no one would ever know!
  10. Stay away from alcohol and not feel bad about it. I haven't drank in so long and I really don't want to - but I can say no and drink up my flavored crystal light in appeltini, margarita, or mojito with the best of them!


  1. How great of you to have a clear plan for holiday eating! Kuddos to you! Thanks so much for linking up today with the Holiday Linky Party! So glad I got to "meet" your blog! I hope to see ya around next time too! I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    The Mrs. and The Momma

  2. This year I too have to go into the Holidays with an eating game plan. Not only because of the gluten intolerance but also because I am trying to lose weight and allowing myself to over eat just because "It's Thanksgiving and it's ok" is not a healthy mindset.

    I am planning on making a gluten free pumpkin pie so I can at least have a small slice of dessert instead of having to avoid desserts entirely. If it's a cake a cookie or has a crust I can't even think about eating it.

    I am proud of you for taking charge and planning out your meals. You always have been a take charge woman especially when it comes to your health. So have a great holiday and enjoy those delicious sugar free desserts =D