Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Confessions Thanksgiving Edition

1. I promised myself 1 roll and I had many more. This is me being honest and not hiding that I carbed up all week due to my crazy sugar RH up and down - so carbs = keeping my sugar up was more important than just 1 roll.

2. Everyone is more worried about my sugar than my weight - I'm more concerned about the weight I may or may have not gained - I don't own a scale on purpose so this is just scary.

3. I'm giving up and going to the doc - I want a referral STAT to an endocrinologist because both hubs and I are worried about this sugar dilemma. 

4. I'm obsessed seriously obsessed with my Christmas tree and mantel! I love this holiday and all that comes with it! Must control the urge to cover ever inch of my apt in Christmas - no lie when I have a house there will be multiple Christmas Trees!

5. I'm in love with chocolate soy milk in my protein shakes.

Ok that is all...this was a lame week of confessions - but in mine defense I did spend over 4 days in didn't do much to have too much to confess. Maybe next week!

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  1. Do you use Silk or what kind of chocolate soy milk? I just bought vanilla soy milk! I'm going to try it tomorrow!