Thursday, November 1, 2012

Strength Training & Nutritional Update

I met with my super cool nutritionist Nicole from Urban Nutrittion you should check out their site here

Yesterday was my 1 month Check-in with her and I got to go over my goals, check in about eating, and make some new goals.

My goals from the past month were:
1. Learn to be flexible with meal planning - I was able to learn to be flexible meal planning though this is a plan in action. I have meals on hand, prep ingredients but have choices instead of stern eat this eat that. This has helped loosen my rope on this exact counting and allowed me to realize I'm eating conscious.

2. Try the plate method vs. exact counting and focusing so much on being so detailed with my tracking that I'm gaining anxiety about food - This has been a struggle I won't lie, but just like being a new post-op I'm learning. 25% of my plate is lean protein 25% is whole grain and 50% is fruits and veggies. I've been able to find that I'm eating a more well rounded diet. I can eat out with less pressure making good choices, and best of all I'm eating better portions. My husband is great helping me know that i've got all the groups on my plate!

Now here is a bariatric note: I can't eat possibly what is all on my plate. I have a little tummy, but with breaking up my meals with designed snack times I can roll over veggies I don't eat or fruits to my snack in about 2 hours. It is great for planning for me and has made me feel better about this new method.

3. Add strength training and try a new exercise - It has taken me awhile to add this and I would like to say that I jumped right in, but I didn't. I took the step of getting eating down first then changing something like strength training. See below what I've started doing and my plan!

I also weighed in and I'm 193.5. Now this might not be the best number but I'm going to own it. I didn't go up any and I actually lost .5 lbs! This was with an extreme sugar drop and a week of heavy carbs so in retrospect I'm going to go with I'm okay with it and move on. I definitely might not see poundage going, but I'm still seeing inches change and that makes me very happy!

My goals for this month are:
1. Add strength training to be regular weekly activity
2. Work on building well rounded (plate based) recipes
3. Find an in-person support group / try a few new ones out!

Strength Training

I’ve been encouraged to incorporate strength training into my workout regime to change up my work out,
increase lean muscle mass, help stabilize my sugar, and tone myself up! I was a little overwhelmed by the idea, but I took it all in stride.

Over the weekend at the OAC conference I got my first resistance band. After getting it I went to one of the exercise sessions and learned a lot about strength training, but still didn’t know where to actually begin other than 2 to 3 times a week, make sure there is a rest day in between, and to break it up. I had seen some basic exercises, but still that wasn’t enough for me so where did I go – first to google, then to pinterest.
I found a number of strength training routines with resistance bands that I could do at my house! Tonight I started with my arms and completed one set of the circuit. I wanted to do more, but I can already feel it so instead of hurting myself I stopped. I can’t lay in the routine I used, but I am going to post the link to my strength training board as well as the specific exercises I did. I was a little skeptical, but wow, you can feel what you did immediately. I know that I worked my arms tonight even as I sit here and type. The goal for this week is to do strength training twice and then increase it to 3 times next week. I would like to develop a routine where I am able to do arms, legs, and core.

So here are my pinterest links!


Exercises completed tonight:  (note I focused on the arms from this chart only tonight – biceps etc)

I found this article searching tonight and I love it and I think I'm going to try it on Thursday. Check it out

Do you all use any strength training? Resistance bands? What routines do you do?

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