Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting Back to "Normal" WLS Style

Now that I have an emergency kit of self induced savings...I can get back to normal, that is after my 15 page paper is written ugh that I need to write due on Tuesday next week , but I digress been here done that! I am getting back to being Lissa - that happy, upbeat, crafting, idea driven gal that isn't so down in the dumps. Hello World I'm baaaack!!!!

Today I started by eating with my new nutrion plan ( I see Nicole on Friday and I'm uber excited about that!) this is what I ate today:

Breakfast : 2 hard boiled eggs
Snack : 1 small non fat yogurt with granola
Lunch : 1 cup of Chicken and dumplings from McAllisters
Snack: 1 shake - 10 oz of Light chocolate soy and a bariatric mix in with PB2
Dinner: Chicken salad from MacAlissters (didn't fit in the pouch) on whole wheat bread
Snack before bed: string cheese

I also got back to moving a little today. I went for a walk at lunch and didn't do a fast or vigorous walk, but I did get out and move. I'm planning on getting back into this every day at lunch, but need to work my way into it as even today I'm a little shakey and still not 100% - thanks to mr. cold, but atleast I'm able to move. If I feel up to it tonight, I'll do my strength training on my arms and research my paper...yeah that paper.

My goal on friday with Nicole is to get the following:

I need to know a calorie point for me to eat at to lose not maintain my weight
I need to know how to eat low carb as possible with high in protein (still low, light, and lean)
I want to be able to leave with a plan or confirmation of the eating habits that I'm working on
Plan for working out lightly with protein before and after and what to do when I do a more strenuous work out as well

Next week after the paper - I want to get back into a gym. I canceled my TCU gym membership. I wasn't using it as much as I wanted and to be honest I can't work out with students. I jiggle, I'm self concious and I just don't like it so - plan B - planet fitness 10 for a month, unlimited session with personal trainer, free taning, and open 24 hours. Also 2 miles from my house. Yes please. This will allow me to have me time - put my ipod in and work out (because it is getting cold for miss skinny to run and walk outside brrrr) and I would like to take my leg work outs to a machine rather than just the ball - variety it is the spice of metabolism.

I also am going to get back to my fit bit. I have tried for a solid 2 months to not track everything in the world but since this sugar thing I need answers and I need control. My anxiety wants it and instead of fighting it and making it worse I'm going to have plans and stick to it - this control will help me and take away that "i don't know what i really ate" "how many calories, what?!?!" so I'll meet Nicole halfway and then I'll be comfortable. I like knowin how many steps I walk and can work on me by pushing myself in a concious manner.

Being real there is 26 lbs to my goal weight. I'm not expecting to lose a ton of weight overnight. That isn't the point of WLS but honestly I don't want to gain anymore over the holiday season. I have a holiday plan I can do this - but I need support and I need accountability. I'll be posting the real life food logs that is life because no one is perfect....I just want to reach my goal!

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  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling more like yourself again. Now it's time to get on the healthy bandwagon and enjoy all the new possibilities that it will bring. I am excited for you and I can't wait to read what the nutritionist says today.

    Have a great day and Happy Friday =D