Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gone Girl Link Up with Alyx

This month I read Gone Girl for two book clubs 1) Alyx over at Every Day is a New Adventure and 2) book club at work! I had heard Gone Girl was amazing. I hadn't ever read anything by this author, but the book was high up on the rental list at the library, scoring top of the charts on amazon, and it was the talk of not 1 but 2 chats at "what's on your bookshelf" with faculty/staff at work. So here we go reading Gone Girl and by we I mean Katy and I at work reading away. I happened to find out my friend Laura who also runs a book club was reading it. She has a super cute new blog and why not - I will plug her here.

Back to the book review - here is my synopsis in 2 sentences. Man and Woman fall in love. Woman is cray cray crazy and Man is not all he is cracked up to be, but Woman being cray cray does unspeakable things.
I loved it. I hated it. I love her. I hated her. Then I loved him. I loathed him. Actually to be quite honest the only character I really enjoyed was the high paid attorney that you would find on the Nancy Grace show!

The book was written from first person perspectives from both husband and wife. It kept me engaged. It kept me wondering. It kept me emotional - I seriously would go to work and be I hate him and the next day I would be I hate her. Then it was aww way...fake pregnancy, affair, killing oh my!

I won't spoil the ending cause I want you to read it, but I didn't like it. Did it fit - YES! Did I like how it ended...nope. I felt like the characters were entwined in book hell! Yes, hell - they was no happily ever after, no out, no ending to pain and suffering. I know at least one thing - I'm never doing a scavenger hunt for my anniversary for my husband after this book. CREEEEEEEPY!

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  1. lol! Thanks for linking up!! I totally get what you're saying about the endings. to hate it, but it's perfect! there really couldn't have been a different one! i read this book during the summer (i'm a teacher) and it's a good thing too bc i wouldn't have been able get anything done if i had work at that time!!